Medical Practice Management and Administrative Support

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McEwen & Associates is a licensed MSO provider of Intergy Practice Management (PMS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems of Greenway Health. The software applications and data are stored in a secure data center in Irving, Texas. Your employees log-on using an application on their desktop, tablet or laptop. They then utilize state-of-the-art software applications to manage your medical business while saving the investment in computer servers, software, and support personnel. McEwen provides access through Terminal Services to a central server and image server which maintain your information.  Encrypted log-in credentials are required to access data on the server and Terminal Services protect the data ensuring your information is both safe and secure.  The image server securely stores documents, charts, insurance cards and IDs scanned into the system. The application solution, Intergy by Vitera/Sage, Practice Management System (PMS) provides the flexibility needed to run your business. Your front office will schedule patients, store patient information, store insurance information and analyze your practice through the available reporting tools.  McEwen advises your staff on the most effective way to catalog and organize information for quick and reliable access. The central server safely stores and processes your data. Your information is backed up every day with redundant data drives stored separately. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system greatly reduces the need for paper. All information vital to maintaining patient care is recorded electronically.  Doctors and nurses have the choice to access information on tablets, laptops or desktops.  Additionally, you can order prescriptions for patients through e-prescription and labs through Clinician. Processing e-prescriptions and labs through Clinician ensure patient accounts are updated in real-time as the doctor issues the prescription or signs the lab results. McEwen offer’s relief from maintaining computer support and billing personnel by providing you and your staff with trained individuals who will personally guide you through the business processes. Computer hardware and software questions are answered by the McEwen staff or promptly escalated to a courteous and well trained support technicians at Vitera for answers and solutions.  For PMS, McEwen trains and guides your staff until everyone is comfortable with their jobs.  For EMR, at no additional cost, Vitera/Sage trains you and your staff and provides the support necessary for your specialty. You get the best of both worlds. McEwen also has billing coordinators well-trained in your specialty.  We have over 50 years of billing and medical services experience. McEwen records charges using paper encounter forms or electronically through the EMR system.  Our billing coordinators thoroughly review all charges before submission.  We process appeals immediately and follow up with resubmissions to insure maximized collections and cash flow.  Our well-trained billing coordinators eliminate the need to employ billing staff ensuring lower personnel costs, expedited collections...

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