Dr. Peter S. Sakovich
I have worked with McEwen & Associates for over 15 years. Mike’s father, Paul, helped me get started. McEwen & Associates has shown creativity and innovation as I worked with them in the development of my practice. They have enabled me to have one of the largest OBGYN practices in the mid-cities area between Dallas and Fort Worth. We have a new facility designed by McEwen & Associates that is not only beautiful but efficient. We are grateful for their commitment to support the physicians that work with me to put patients first providing the best care possible.

MacArthur OBGYN installed a new practice management and EMR system in March of this year. When you talk with other doctors with established practices that have converted their systems, the usual time to stabilize the systems is one year. We have been able to convert to the new systems in less than six months. McEwen & Associates rolled up their sleeves with us to make the conversion as smooth as possible. We now have a state-of-art system that is comparable to any system I know.

I recommend McEwen & Associates to any physician wanting to improve their practice by establishing sound business principles, while putting their patients first. McEwen is committed to the profitability of every physician they serve.

They have the unique ability to function and serve their clients with “top notch” business advice, thinking out of the box, while maintaining a personal touch that is not always found in the medical field.