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We collaborate to elevate

At McEwen, business partnerships are the cornerstone of progress in our field. We collaborate with specialized software comapnies, providing facilities access to cutting-edge technology. This strategic alliance ensures that medical facilities can maintain the highest standards of patient care and innovation. By harnessing the expertise of these vendors, we empower medical facilities to stay at the forefront of healthcare technology and advancements, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and overall operational efficiency. Partnering with McEwen opens the door to a world of possibilities in healthcare, where excellence and progress are the guiding principles.


EMR and Practice Management System

  • Greenway Intergy
  • Practice Fusion
  • Elation
  • EPIC
  • AdvanceMD
  • E-Clinical Works


Software Vendors

  • Waystar RCM
  • Rectangle Health
  • SelectCoder
  • Phreesia
  • Provider Flow
  • MediMobile
  • UpDox
  • Vital Interactions
  • 1st Healthcare Compliance

Client Relationships

RS Clark

Medical Auditing Solutions

Professional Office Services

Arlington Computer Care

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We understand the demands of a healthcare professional's life. That's why we take care of your practice as if it were our own. Delegate administrative complexities to us for a more patient-focused care.

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