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Collaborating with our experts in healthcare management, including services such as billing, coding, and practice management, complements a medical facility's operations seamlessly. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to regulatory standards ensures that medical facilities can maintain high levels of compliance and quality. With McEwen as a trusted partner, medical facilities can achieve greater efficiency, financial stability, and better patient care.

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Elevate your medical facility's compliance standards with McEwen's expert guidance and solutions.

Credentialing and Contracting

Navigate complex credentialing and contracting processes effortlessly with our expert support.

Medical Billing

Maximize revenue and minimize complexities through our efficient billing solutions.

Medical Coding

Ensure accurate and compliant coding practices with McEwen's precision-driven medical coding services.


Gain peace of mind with comprehensive auditing services that reinforce compliance with confidence.

AR Management

Optimize Accounts Receivable with McEwen's strategic management for improved facility finances.

Practice Management

Streamline operations and boost efficiency with our tailored practice management solutions.

Call Center

Enhance patient communication and satisfaction through our responsive call center services.

EMR Solutions

Modernize your workflow and enhance patient care with McEwen's EMR solutions.

Workflow Process Improvement

Elevate your facility's efficiency and patient care through our expertise in refining workflow processes.

Marketing and Web Design

Reach a wider audience and present your practice effectively with our creative marketing and design team.

Prior Authorizations

Simplify the prior authorization process with McEwen's expertise, ensuring timely and hassle-free approvals.

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